Last updated: 23 December 2011


VSL Engineers (M) Sdn Bhd is a specialist civil engineering firm specializing on prestressing, specialist construction techniques, bridge bearings, formwork travelers, erection gantries, stress bars, ground anchors, retained earth and its associated works.

VSL Post-tensioining is used in virtually every area of concrete construction. While used primarily in bridges and buildings, the system also employed for the construction of concrete containment structures, anchoring in rock and soil, structural strenghtening and repair, lifting and sliding of heavy loads, and many other applications.

VSL Engineers (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1973 since then have been involved in major civil engineering projects such as Penang Bridge, East-West Highway Major Bridges, Jerantut and Kuala Lepar Bridges, Sungai Perak Bridge in Teluk Intan, Toll Expressway, Sungai Kuantan Bridge, Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit System segmental construction, Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing Bridge, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway, Selangor Turf Club Grand Stand, Lion Tower, Wisma Kelwaram, MNI Building and SOGO Shopping Complex, etc.

VSL Engineers (M) Sdn. Bhd. is an integral member of the worldwide VSL Group, established in over 36 countries in 5 continents. Hence as we create, together with our client, the optimal solutions to construction needs, we are able to enhance our knowledge and experience with the resources of our colleagues around the world.

VSL is your Solution Network.


VSL is the leading world-wide specialist contractor in the field of post-tensioning and related construction techniques. Our mission is to :

- provide optimised design and construction solutions with outstanding support service to construction industry customers in order to maximise financial benefits of all parties.

- encourage a motivated and creative corporate culture with group synergy aimed at generating rewards for staff and shareholders.

- operate as transnational group of companies working as a “multi-clients” group, locally based, implementing co-ordinated strategies.


The VSL Group objective is to be the preferred Solution Network for our client and customer needs.
To assist in achieving this objective we have established and will continuously maintain a quality assurance system in compliance with ISO 9001.

VSL Management is committed to continuous quality improvement through the participation of all employees in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of improvement activities.

It is recognized that all our employees are vitally important to our competitiveness and prosperity and with this in mind, we aspire to maintain the highest level of satisfaction, health and safety of our people.


In line with our policy of being the preferred bridge contractor and specialist in pre-stressing and its associated works, we shall:-

• Comply with all Laws, Regulations and Guidelines applicable to Health, Safety and Environment pertaining our works

• Ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our employees & sub-contractors

• Identify and control workplace hazards and prevention of pollution to the surrounding environment

• Provide adequate information, training, instruction and supervision on Health, Safety and Environment to our employees & sub-contractors

• Promote best practices through implementation of safe work system, inspection and audit for our works

• Establish measurable objectives and targets for continual improvement in HSE performance and periodically review to ensure its effectiveness